Our Inspiration


Sybil Ann Seehawer

Sybil Ann Seehawer was an inspiration to those who met her. She is our angel. The spirit with which she fought this disease and wanted to help others will live on through this foundation. 

These are blogs posted by Sybil throughout her journey with cervical cancer in an attempt to reach out to other women who may be experiencing some of the same signs and symptoms she had prior to her diagnosis.  It was after she was diagnosed we were able to fit the pieces of the puzzle together from the previous few months and come to the  realization none of us knew what the signs, symptoms or warning signs were when it came to cervical cancer.

These blogs are filled with  her hopes, dreams and fears as she battled this disease.  

We invite you to read them and share her journey as we did.

Sybil's Blogs:  

My Journey Has Begun: August 13, 2007

My Journey Has Begun, Part 2: September 17, 2007

My Journey...into Limbo?: September 26, 2007

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire: March 31, 2008'

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