Who should get tested?

Should I get an HPV Test?

The HPV test detects high-risk-or cancer causing types of HPV that can cause changes in your cervical cells. However, this test cannot tell you the exact type of high-risk HPV. Women 30 years of age and older can have both the Pap test and the HPV test for cervical cancer screening. The HPV test can also be used to help understand the meaning of a borderline abnormal Pap test. In that situation, your health care provider may do an HPV test to find out more about the abnormal cells. However, if your Pap test shows a definite pre-cancerous abnormality, an HPV test is not needed. Virtually all of these changes are caused by HPV. You can assume the HPV test will be positive.

I’ve been told I have HPV. How do I know if or when it has cleared up?

Most HPV infections will clear on their own. Those women that have long-standing HPV infections are more at risk for developing cervical precancerous lesions or cervical cancer. There is no shot or pill that is available to clear your HPV infection. Hopefully, as in most women, your body’s immune system will clear your HPV infection on its own. If your health care provider is performing an HPV test on you, and  your test is negative, it is likely that your infection cleared.

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